Your uncle Alf and Granddad was offered the Bull of Bisham for 200 quid. Your granddad said they had a living room with a hatch in the wall and you’d knock on the hatch and they’d be there living room, serve your beer and shut the hatch again. A week’s wages was £3, so £200 was a lot. I don’t know why they didn’t do it.

Geoff: Ernie did the books and helped out at the pub (the Scottish Stores), and they had a falling out, because Alf would give the money away and buy drinks. ‘I’m a landlord drinks all round.’ Granddad wouldn’t go in with him – an opportunity missed!

Nan: He (Alf) was too free and easy. Sometimes I think he did it to look big –‘I’m managing a pub, all the drinks are on me’ Your Granddad was working in the pub, and a couple of Alf’s so called mates put their hand in the till and take a wad of pound notes from ‘im and go around other pubs. If you are free and easy like that, you get hangers on.

THE BULL INN is now an award winning gastro pub.

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